Bizverse creates free shared 360 spaces for users to explore and experience 360 Space technology, as well as a platform for users to conduct meetings, training, and teaching online and share their experiences with 360 technology.
Users will use 3D characters, especially while engaging in Bizverse's 360 space (choose from the system's default 3D character list or use 3D characters generated by users on the Bizvere system). It allows users to watch together, present, communicate and connect with other people in the place by sharing the screen.
Users can also invite others to join Bizverse's 360 environments by sending a link or a code, allowing them to visit, exchange, and communicate with one another just as in real life.
In this Beta version, 360 Space provides the following main functions:
- Organizing meetings, training, teaching, watching videos, visiting in 360 space of Bizverse.
- The spaces will be created by the system for all users to share.