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Are you someone who regularly conducts online meetings and are looking for an application capable of making all your online meetings productive?

With the increasing demand for online working, Bizverse Meet aims to solve users' needs for unlimited online meetings for users as well as high security with other features such as: Record meetings, present documents, spreadsheets or map presentations.

BIZVERSE is removing every time about the way to address, the user connection anytime and anywhere. You can completely remove, make friends, chat, experience learning, work with friends halfway around the world even when you are sitting at home.


Bizverse Meet is a Web-based application that assists users in organizing meetings and online learning.
Bizverse Meet's main functions in this Beta version are as follows:
- Host meetings/online learning sessions with an unlimited number of participants and time allotted for participation.
- Manipulation of the invitation process to make it easier for others to join.
- The meeting/online learning content is protected by a password set by the organizer, ensuring maximum safety and security.
- Make a recording of the meeting or online learning for future reference.
- Presentation of documents, spreadsheets, or presentations via screen sharing.