hi friend please contact me i need udemy business account. you had cookies. after format all my cookies are deleted. I will be happy if you post again.

So bizverse udemy is dead, there seems no hope now

It's funny that when I raised a voice on Bizverse's Telegram about their foul pay for manhandling Udemy accounts, I was banned. We all know by now that Bizverse did not manage Udemy accounts on purpose for they allowed multiple logins for the same account in order to accommodate more people a.k.a bring more people to their platform. That being said, I'll give them a prop for the idea of giving free education to all of us but the intentions were clear from day 1.

I'm 100% sure that these accounts are not coming back for they violate Udemy rules and regulations. They might salvage the situation by running another promotion but this time it'll be severely restricted to a few 100 people. I say this with confidence because the crypto world has been rocked by several allegations and the world economy in itself is expecting a downturn. I don't think Bizverse will now spend its remaining financial resources on running schemes like these. Therefore, it doesn't make sense to wait for any Udemy accounts to come back. Move on.

I have decided to buy the course that I studied free with bizverse and continue to study, I know this is maybe fun but actually we have to take a lot of time to be done with each course, so I encourage everybody let choose the course that is very important for ourself and buy them, let study full this course before think about others instead of registering a lot of courses and do not have time to study. Bizverse udemy will be never back!

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Eclass is back up with a pop-up message.